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Clinical Services

Professional Practitioner Counseling   

Substance Abuse Professional (DOT-SAP) Evaluations 

Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) Nuclear Regulatory Commission Evaluations 

Clinical Counseling / Education    Employee Assistance / EA Services    

Pre-Employment Assessment / Evaluation             

Drug Testing: DOT / NON-DOT Pre-Employment

DOT / NON-DOT  Post-Accident

DOT / NON-DOT   Random    

DOT / NON-DOT Return-To-Duty

 DOT / NON-DOT Follow-up NON / DOT Alcohol Drug Test 

Community Services

Anger Management Counseling

Career Counseling 

Partnership Referral Program   

Safe Workplace Anonymous Group (SWAG)

Privacy Policy

This information can not be copied, modified, forwarded, and or sent to any individual or organization without authorization from Capital City Community Services LLC.  In accordance with 42 C. F. R. Part 2, the Federal rules restrict any use of this information to criminally investigate or prosecute any alcohol or drug client.